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The furniture industry international talent training summit forum was held in Guangzhou

2019/01/02 15:54
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2018 is the first year of the new era and a key year for implementing the quality improvement action plan. With the supply-side structural reform as the main line, the home industry has ushered in more scientific and strict regulatory requirements, marking that quality will be the life of the enterprise. As the main body of quality brand promotion, enterprises are urgently involved in transformation and upgrading. On March 21, 2018, the "Hello, Me" door "New Era - 2018 China Door Industry and Custom Home Development Forum" hosted by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry Association will be held at the Beijing International Exhibition Center. The hall was grandly held. At that time, China's door industry and custom industry will gather in Beijing and break through 2018.
Starting from 2017, the industry has changed suddenly, the design trend has changed suddenly, the new Chinese style and the modern minimalist explosion have come, and China's doors and windows and the whole house customization industry have seen new development trends. And with the continued fiery home of smart homes, smart doors and windows have gradually become a symbol of smart lifestyle. The reform and integration of the industry is more intense than ever, accelerating the new round of transformation and upgrading of the door and window customization industry. How to quickly build new competitiveness and jointly promote the integration of China's door industry customization and China's smart home and market development is an important issue facing the door industry and custom home industry.
In this context, this forum will focus on the hot spots and pain points of customized home and smart door industry, and create a good communication platform for the industry by deepening brand marketing, expanding the market scope of enterprises, improving product and service quality, and seizing Internet opportunities. Promote the opening and cooperation between enterprises in the industry, lead the industry to focus on improving the quality and efficiency of development, and promote the quality of the brand, strengthen the supply-side structural reform, and actively promote the transformation and upgrading of door enterprises and custom home enterprises.
In addition, this forum also includes the “Custom 100” leading program related activities of the national large home service system, the joint authority to release the Chinese door industry big data, the 2018 Wuzhen Internet Summit event and the China Home Brand Festival news release and other related content. Wonderful and wonderful, don't miss it.
Time-honored "customized + door industry" top platform - the 2018 China International Door Industry Exhibition / the 5th China International Integrated Customized Home Exhibition of Qianqi Jingxiu will open, there will be a large custom home enterprise from all over the country. Nearly 1,000 people, including coffee, door and window business leaders, industry experts, association leaders, representatives of local associations, representatives of design institutes, home e-commerce, exhibitors, and industry authoritative media, gathered at the North Hall of the Beijing International Exhibition Center. Exploring the existing problems in the custom home and smart door industry, and in-depth analysis of the reasons behind it, pointing out the direction for the industry in the development of China's home furnishing industry in 2018.